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for the self-hosted infrastructure of the Cologne KOSMA group and its collaborators.

All infrastructure is self-hosted. The data stays on the servers of the I. Physikalische Institut der Universität zu Köln.

If you need access to one of the services or you encounter problems please let Ronan Higgins and Christof Buchbender know.

KOSMA Archive

This page hosts the KOSMA fits header archive, inflight logs, dossiers and allows interactive kalibration and reduction of projects.

ELK: Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana

Log file browser and more... (ELK stack https://www.elastic.co/)


Wiki Infrastructure for multiple group and project wikis. This includes amongs others:


Grafana instance serving the SOFIA/upGREAT housekeeping as well as allowing to monitor the Server Infrastructure running the services available on this page.


This Nextcloud instance offers:

  • File sharing
  • Contacts and Calenders
  • Pools (like doodle polls)
  • Talk (ZOOM equivalent)
  • Online Libre Office

Team Communications

Mattermost is a Slack equivalent Team communications platform. (Mattermost project https://mattermost.com/)


Self-hosted Git Version Control platform.


Instance of the Continues Integration and Delivery Pipeline (Jenkins project https://jenkins.io/)